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The YEDAC project

The aim of the YEDAC project is to create tools that can support teachers in the integration of entrepreneurship in the teaching of subject matters.

The YEDAC project has on a theoretical background created an entrepreneurial learning model, which describe the aspects of entrepreneurial learning and an entrepreneurial learning process model, which together with method cards guide teachers and students.

The YEDAC project has furthermore developed political recommendations, which can support the further integration of entrepreneurship in schools.

Read more about the theoretical background under Research and Background. Read more about the tools for teachers under Tecaher Toolbox, and read the political recommendations by clicking above. Read a short introduction to YEDAC here.

YEDAC video presentation

Christa Bauer from Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark in Austria presents the YEDAC project in this video. Find more videos on the YEDAC youtube channel.


YEDAC final conference engages participants from all over Europe

September 2015
In the years since the first steps and kick off meeting, the YEDAC project has developed into a concrete set of tools and models to strengthen the student’s sense of entrepreneurship in lower secondary schools. During the time, European schools in six countries have tested the model and now it is ready to inspire politicians and schools all over the EU. Read more here

Experiences from the Yedac project

June 2015
In the Yedac project students show new sides of themselfes. Watch this video where teacher Remco Schohaus explains in what way. Read more here

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