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Here you will find materials and guidelines for your work with entrepreneurship education. 

 Teacher's Handbook  Toolkit for Students  Teacher Guidelines

 Udklip Handbook Yedac

 Udklip Yedac Toolkit

 Udklip Yedac Guidelines

The YEDAC Handbook for teachers guides teachers in integrating entrepreneurship in daily teaching and in learning of subject matters. 

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The YEDAC toolkit guides the students in the entrepreneurial learning processes. 

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The YEDAC Teacher Guidelines explain the background and the models and tools in more details. 

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The YEDAC models

The YEDAC project has developed two models for teachers to plan entrepreneurial education.
Click on the models to download: 

The YEDAC process model  The YEDAC didactic model

The entrepreneurial learning process model illustrates how learning activities can be organised.  

 The entrepreneurial learning model describes five categories that have to be considered when planning entrepreneurial education.


  YEDAC Didactic


YEDAC video presentation

Christa Bauer from Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark in Austria presents the YEDAC project  in this video.

More inspiration

Learn more about YEDAC at the YEDAC youtube channel.